All The Things You Thought You Needed-But Really Didn’t

“It’s Okay To Be Happy With A Simple Life”

I call this “First-Time-Mama Syndrome” : Thinking you need everything labeled “for baby” when you are expecting.

“NEED” being a key word here. Of course, there is always going to be things that you splurge on or just want because it seems handy. Trust me, I’m a professional at finding things I do not need to buy. But sometimes, the things we want & truly need are split between a fine line. I was that Mama who thought I had to have everything labeled “for baby” & that we wouldn’t be able to get by without it. But as the first year flew past, I realized how unimportant the majority of those things were.

Here’s a list of some items I thought I needed & would use, every day, once Atlas arrived. In reality, we didn’t use them hardly, if at all. I have firmly asserted myself into the “Simplified Mama” category & have learned to be very comfortable there. (All products are listed at the end of the post!)


1. Changing Table & Organizer

Yes, they are nice to have & can add some elegance to a nursery, especially if you have the room for one. But the 1-bedroom home we were living in when Atlas was born had zero space for one. In saying so, I quickly learned that you don’t need a changing table to get the dirty work, done. We simply laid out a blanket on the bed or couch, set Atlas on it & changed his diaper. For the organizer part, we bought some hanging closet organizers & placed his diapers & extra wipes in the cubbies. (This also aids in concealing them, which is a major plus!)

2. Wipe Warmer

Okay, so this item I would certainly consider a “splurge” item. My fathers partner was super kind & purchased the charming King Lionheart Wipe Warmer for us as a baby shower gift! In my mind, I thought that we would use it, religiously. But once Atlas arrived, we quickly learned that it was much easier to use wet wipes, rather than having to grab a cotton wipe, spray it & then wash them when you’re done. When you have a major poop-diaper that is getting everywhere you don’t want it, the last thing you want is to be trying to spray a wipe with one hand while holding their tiny butts up in the air with the other, all while they’re trying to grab at their poo-butt (this comes from experience). Granted, they are nice to have if you run out of wipes, unexpectedly & the little ones would much rather have a warm cloth touching their hiney than a freezing cold one. (BUT an easy way to solve the temperature issue is to simply hold the wet-wipe in your hand or in the pit of your leg.)

3. Baby Dish Washing Supplies

I must say, since Atlas has been born, we have not used the bottle cleaners or the bottle racks, once. In my opinion, it’s just one of those items made for babies that aren’t entirely necessary unless you just like keeping babies’ stuff separate from your own. I have always just used a sponge, dish brush & now our handy-dandy dishwasher (we didn’t have one in our first home), to clean Atlas’ cups & dishes. Granted, he hardly ever drank out of a bottle with a nipple but the handy little Munchkin No-Spill Cups he uses are extremely easy to clean because they don’t have a ton of nooks & crannies to get into. As for the drying rack, we just place his dishes & cups on the same drying rack we put our dishes on.  Just because it isn’t labelled “for baby” doesn’t mean that it can’t get the same job done.

4. Bassinet

I know you may be like “Well, what in the heck did your child sleep in?!” But, like many other Mama’s I know, Atlas has co-slept with us since he was born. I know there are all sorts of opinions on this topic & I don’t want it to start a riot but it has worked very well for us. For our baby shower, my family purchased a beautiful bassinet for Atlas. I completely thought that it would be used all the time. But he got so use to falling asleep in our bed & we got so used to it, too, that the bassinet, unfortunately, was used very few times. Although, I do believe if you aren’t choosing to co-sleep, than this would be a “need” for you. It’s just for us, it didn’t happen to be.

5. Heaps of Baby Towels, Washcloths & Swaddling Blankets

For whatever reason, I had the ideology of “the more the merrier” when I was pregnant. I thought we needed 500 of everything (over-exaggeration but you get the point). In reality, I soon learned to realize that the more of these items you have, the more laundry you are going to do or the more stuff that you don’t use, will just pile up. By the time Atlas was Earth-side, we had to of had 20-30 baby washcloths, 7 or so baby towels & an infinite number of swaddling blankets. When, in reality, we used like 2 or 3 of each. There’s no need to have so many because they won’t possibly all get used. We ended up donating 3/4 of them to expecting friends & family members!

6. The Super Fancy Baby Bathtub

Maybe this was just me, but when I seen the baby tubs with the jets & the water-temperature controls, I flipped. I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen & that we totally needed it. Luckily, the $80 price tag kept me from purchasing it, though. This is another one of those “splurge” items I was discussing, earlier. Yes, they are super nice but in reality, your baby is not going to care about turbo jets & controlled water temperature. They just want a rubber ducky & some water to splash around in. Bath time doesn’t need to be over-the-top. If you are one of those Mama’s that feels that it needs to be, than go right ahead! I applaud you~ But again, for us, we try to keep things as simple & easy as possible!

7. Shoes for Newborns or Babies That Aren’t Walking Yet

Okay, I get that the super tiny newborn shoes are completely adorable & they are great if you are taking pictures or for photoshoot purposes. But in everyday life, my personal opinion is that shoes aren’t 100% necessary if your little one isn’t running around yet. Shoes are for traction & to keep their feet from getting dirty~ if they are crawling & even before, I personally don’t see them as being super practical. Again, it’s just a preference thing! Atlas did just fine in some socks or even just bare feet, until he started getting really good at walking.


In saying so, again, this is all my personal opinion. If your family found a use for these items & it’s working well for you, please continue to do what you’re doing & don’t take offense~ What works for some families, doesn’t for others & vice-versa! Ultimately, I hope you found this helpful or even entertaining~ Let me know if you would like to see more of this kind of material! XOXO

Check out the items that I mentioned in this post!

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