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“Reading Is Dreaming With Open Eyes”


“Up On Denali” by Shelley Gill is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL book & if you, yourself, are an Alaskan Mama, it is certainly a staple! This book shows beautiful illustrations of wildlife and has fun, “kid-friendly” depictions of the Story of Denali Mountain! It also withholds intricate drawings and descriptions of the different types of birds and fish that call Alaska their home. Above all, it educates children on different animal “scat” and plant life you will find throughout the state- its really rather interesting and all the bright, bold colors really draw Atlas in! I’m sure when he is older he will really appreciate all the knowledge this book has to offer, especially when he goes for hikes and wants to know what animals are in his area or what certain plants may be. Until then,  I will keep reading it because I have learned quite a bit, myself!


This remarkable book is one for the Mama’s out there.

Where do I even begin..? “Mom & Me & Mom” by Maya Angelou is nothing short of STUNNING. Dr. Angelou has been one of my absolute favorite authors and influencers for quite some time now. Her elegance and ease-of-words makes her work incredibly fluid to read & does nothing but pull you in further as you flip each page. This has been said to be one of the deepest, most personal stories of her life she has shared- Her relationship with her mother, Vivian Baxter. You can purchase or read more about this book by clicking here!




“The Buddha’s Apprentice” by Dharmachari Nagaraja has to be one of my favorite books that we have found for Atlas! Its vibrant stories teach kids wonderful, highly important life lessons, in a way that is rather easy for them to understand & an added bonus is at the end of each story, it gives a simple statement about what the lesson learned from the story should be. Although Atlas is a bit young right now to fully grasp what these lovely stories mean, he still enjoys pointing at all the animals and people on each page! Its such an adventure to read and there are numerous books in this collection- I hope to have them all, one day. If you would like to purchase or read more about this book, click here!


This beautiful journal created by Anni Daulter & Niki Dewart is an ultimate guide for Mama’s, after the precious birth of their little one. This is the 2nd book of there 2-Part Journal series – (The 1st being “Sacred Pregancy”, which I also adore.) Along with uplifting quotes, reminders and mantras, this meditative guide gives you plots & questions to write about and areas of space that allow you to discuss how you are feeling through each month, post-birth. It is a wonderful way to get your thoughts down on paper & a lovely way to highten your sprits, especially if you are having a rough day or if you are suffering from post-partum depression. These books have really helped to bring some organization & more comfort to my life as a Mama. If you would like to purchase or read more about this book, click here!



“Peekaboo!” by BabyTown is a sweet little book that is AMAZING for babes between 0 & 2, although they really start to understand what they are looking at around 10 months- This fun little mirror game shows adorable, colorful illustrations of animals & a certain feature that they have. Along with the picture, your babe is able to look at themselves in the mirror & see or point to where they also have that same characteristic! It’s super educational and fun to watch them point at themselves & try to figure out where their hair, cheeks & ears are. Atlas has a blast everytime we pull this one out! We purchased this one at Target but you can also buy it on Amazon by clicking here!

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