FREE Ways To Entertain Your Toddler

“The Best Things In Life Are Free”


One of the things Atlas & I have discovered to be a super fun time, is going to the the local library. Here, in Wasilla, AK, we have hit the  absolute jackpot. Along with the fact that you do not have to pay to enter and getting your library card is generally free the first go-around, they also host reading groups, twice a week, for various age groups. This is not only an awesome way for your kiddos to interact with new kids & listen to fun stories but its also an opportunity for you to make some new Mama Friends (we all know how much of a struggle that can be, at times..)


I don’t know about your home-state, but here in Alaska, going to a park can be a bit hard to enjoy when you’re competing with cold, snowy conditions, 8 months out of the year. So by the time “break-up” aka Spring comes along, AK mama’s really flock to the nearest park to enjoy the sunshine and warmer weather! On top of that, its nice offering outdoor entertainment for your kiddos- There’s nothing wrong with some fresh air, letting them explore nature and giving yourself a break from chasing them around the house all day!


Sometimes the simplest things can be so entertaining for kids! Atlas spends so much time observing the birds that fly up to the birdfeeder, next to the window & has now deleveloped a love for running around, pointing at things and saying “bird..bird” Whether you want to just drive around looking for animals (moose and bald eagles are a frequent sight here in AK), simply look out the window or go to a zoo (although you will spend some $$$ there), seeing animals is super exciting for toddlers and its a wonderful learning opportunity!


Hosting a play date with your closest Mama friends is another easy & FREE way to have some fun with your kiddo(s)! And its another chance to have some time to relax, have girl talk  & take PLENTY of cute photos! Atlas & I made sure to visit with some of our friends, who are also parents, while we were back in Florida & we all had a blast catching up & watching the babes play together! It’s such an amazing experience watching two kids grow up together & discover their milestones around the same time! (The Mama of that sweet pea on the left, is one of my very good friends & she also has a remarkable Mama Blog- Be sure to check her out! click here)


I must admit, this is one of my favorite things to do with Atlas, throughout the day. No matter if we are in the car, on the way to the store or just hanging around the house, I always, ALWAYS have music playing. Music has played such a huge role in my life & has created so many wonderful memories for me- As I’m sure it has with you. Music lowers stress, brightens your mood & can also help you sleep better! All 3 of these things are critical for you and your baby, so why not start young? I will ask Atlas, “Do you wanna dance?” & before the song even starts, he’s already waving his arms, spinning in circles & droppin’ it low, all while having a huge grin on his face! I also always remind myself to pause in these moments & breathe it all in. These times will be some of the fondest memories you hang on to so you don’t want to miss it. Motherhood already flies by with Light-Speed so be sure to take your time & enjoy the little things with them.


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