How To “Stay Sane” With A Wild Child

“There Is Virtue In Work & There Is Virtue In Rest. Use Both & Overlook Neither.”

When you first become a Mama & you see that beautiful face and gleaming eyes staring back at you with a hard-to-resist gummy smile, you couldnt possibly imagine that perfect baby one day driving you to the edge of high-tailing it to space for a year (not really.. but you get the point, haha!) I know it can be hard to believe, but once those babes get old enough to move around on their own, strap in for the ride! In saying this, here are some tips that have really helped me keep my head on through this wild-child phase of Atlas’~

(A few of these involve your partner or family members help!)

1. Make A Cup Of Tea or Your Favorite Hot Beverage

“Hot” being the key term here- Heat really helps to soothe & relax your mind & body. My favorite tea to make is “Lady Grey” by Twinings. I add a little cream & honey & VUALA! Heaven in a cup. At times, when I really need to dwindle down & take the whole day in without the intervening of baby cries, I will ask my fiance, Jon, to take Atlas for a little bit, make my tea, cuddle up on the couch with a big, cozy blanket and fluffly pillow (both from Target, of course) & let my mind calm down to a near meditative-state. (You can also read during this time- That really helps to ease your mind & keep it off that never-ending to-do list all Mamas have, for a bit).

2. Take A Bubble Bath

This is another form of “heat therapy”, like the Tip above & also involves your partner or family member watching the babe for a little while.

I’m sure we all know the magic that is created when you turn down the lights, burn your favorite candle & sit in a steaming bubble bath that smells of Lavender & Roses. (Just writing this is making me fean for a date with our bathtub). I believe that this is one of the ULTIMATE ways to relax a tired Mama after a long day of chasing baby & picking up all the food off the floor that they would rather chuck than eat. Dr Teal’s® Epsom Salt Soothe & Sleep Lavender Soaking Solution is my favorite to use in the tub! It smells absolutely incredible & also makes your skin feel like a babies butt (ironic?) One other thing that I adore doing during this time, is turning on some old, classic music playlists. Some of the artists that I play include Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday & Louis Armstrong. They have a way of making me feel like I’m traveling back in time to the 40s!

3. Take A Car Ride

This is also a helpful trick to get the babe down when they are having a hard time going to sleep (this is especially great for Daddys, if Mama is not at home). Taking a ride in the car really seems to knock Atlas out when he is struggling to go down for a nap or at bedtime. Jon & I will load him up, give him his favorite blanket, with a cup of water or Vanilla Almond Milk & go out on an excursion. BUT this is about YOU relaxing. So, in saying that, driving is another great way to clear your head. (Which always seems to have at least 101 things going on so clearing it is good, on occasion). Incase  you’re wondering where to go, I would advise to drive past or to one of your favorite sights. This offers cool things to look at while you are cruising around and adds a bit of entertainment to occupy your mind. Focusing on the road has some weird, calming effect on me so it really assists in relaxing me – Especially with some good tunes playing in the background!

4. Make A Target Run

By now, I’m sure every single Mama has developed an immense love & appreciation for Target. The place you go in not knowing what you need but within 5 minutes you find 100 things you want. From their enchanting home decor, to their bright & colorful kids section, all its’ departments make Target a recipe for an undeniable good time. I cannot begin to count how many times I have driven 20 minutes into town just to grab a Starbucks matcha latte & cruise down the never-ending isles. (A lot of times not even buying anything- just soley browsing). I’m not sure what kind of sorcery happens once you cross through those sliding doors but the atmosphere has a way of drawing me in & easing my mind. The best part is, you can strap the kiddos in the cart while you browse & there’s plenty of fun things there to entertain them while you look at the new, cozy throw blankets they have in stock.

We raise our glasses to you, Target!

5. Have A Date Night/Romantic Night Out

Coming from one Mama who really understands that it can be hard to find 5 minutes of free time, let alone a couple hours to go out with your partner, I also understand the importance of finding this time. It not only gives you and your partner a break & to spark back up the fire, it is also an opportunity to get your babe used to seeing other faces & getting quality time with some family members. I promise you, the grandparents will NOT mind watching their sweet grandbaby for a little while – Any opportunity to spoil them rotten, will gladly be taken! So go out, trust that your baby is in good hands & enjoy this time to reconnect with your partner.


PLEASE REMEMBER THIS: Do NOT feel bad for taking this time for yourself. You work your buns off, raising tiny humans. Feeding, bathing, playing, loving, cuddling & comforting them 24-7. You DESERVE it. Trust me, its better for everyone if your head is not exploding. Which ever way you choose, just allow yourself to decompress, reassess & come back to your peaceful state.

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