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“Nature, itself, is the best physician.”

We are very fortunate to say that Atlas has only been sick once, so far, in his 14 months of life. Since birth, whether he was teething, had a stuffy nose or was running a little fever, I knew that I wanted to stick to using “natural” health products & remedies. These options make me feel 100x better than the “western” medicine alternatives that seem like they come with 1,001 side effects. When the time did come & Atlas came down with his first upper respiratory infection- it seemed like Mother Nature wanted to hit him with everything at once- Fever, an endless runny nose, fatigue, ear aches… The whole nine yards. Jon & I felt so sorry for him & helpless at times. He was completely miserable. Although it can be easy to reach for baby Tylenol or Ibuprofen, I knew that I wanted to try & beat it with “natural”, holistic remedies first, before we tried any other form. It took a bit of trial & error but we finally found what worked best for us & helped to make Atlas feel better. In saying so, these are some of the products that we have learned to lean on & trust to help heal our sweet boy when he isn’t feeling his best.


Hyland’s Tiny Cold Syrup (Nighttime)

Hyland’s brand is one of our “go-to’s”- They make wonderful homeopathic remedies for a wide range of things.  We went with the “nighttime” version of this cold syrup because Atlas was really struggling going to sleep at night because of his stuffy nose.  Its uses include: Relief of runny nose & eyes, cough, congestion, headache, sneezing & sleeplessness. If you are not use to homeopathic remedies, when you look at the ingredients on the label (typically in Latin), you will notice “HPUS” at the end of each one. This simply stands for “Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States”. Each ingredient adheres to FDA- rules and HPUS guidelines. This stuff really kicked his runny nose & other symptoms in the butt & helped him get more sleep throughout the night.


Zarbee’s Soothing Chest Rub

Also, for his nose, we thoroughly applied a layer of this yummy smelling rub under his nose, to his chest & on the bottom of his feet with some fuzzy socks! (The pores on feet are thicker than pores anywhere else on the body. This allows oils & rubs to absorb more quickly and reach the bloodstream faster.) With the use of Eucalyptus, Lavender & Wintergreen Leaf Oil (in place of Menthol), it smells like a milder version of Vicks so it isn’t too over-powering for the babe. Jon & I have also used this when we have a stuffy nose & it works wonders for us!


White Egret Garlic Oil & Hyland’s Earache Drops

Every other hour, we would transition between the Garlic Oil & the Hyland’s, placing 1 or 2 drops in his ear, at a time. Within the day, Atlas was no longer crying & pulling at his ear in pain from the ache that was caused by the URI. We had a friend of ours recommend the Garlic Oil & upon researching a bit further, we found that this option was definitely worth the shot & it certainly paid off! If you would like to read up on some other health benefits of garlic, check out this article by It is fascinating to see all the ways that Nature can help the body!


Hyland’s Gas Drops & Mommys Bliss Constipation Ease

I swear by these two remedies for gas & constipation relief for Atlas. He doesn’t have gas issues as much anymore but when he was younger & suffering from really bad teething pain, his stomach would bother him so badly! When his tummy went through these fits, I would use either one of these products (whichever we had in stock at the time) & the relief was almost instant- It was incredible. Although we have used the Hyland’s brand more, I would say that they both have the same effect & speed!



Amber Teething Necklace & Nuby “All Natural” Teething Gel

I must say, this teething necklace is my #1 recommendation for you from this entire list! I’m sure all you Mama’s have either came across this item or have heard about it from a friend. Some of you may have speculation but I am here to tell you that THEY. WORK. WONDERS. I am not sure how we would’ve gotten through Atlas’s beginning teething phase, so smoothly, without it. The oils from the amber are meant to absorb into your babes skin & act as an anti-immflamatory- The science behind it may sound a little strange but trust me when I say that the craziness works- (Plus, you can choose from numerous color selections!) As for the Teething Gel, Atlas wasn’t too fond of the mouth piece that comes with it, but the product itself works well at distracting him from the pain. It makes their gums tingle slightly & has the faintest amount of “numbing”. (Again, I would say its more of a sensation than anything). We don’t use it often but on the rare occasion that the necklace isn’t completely covering it, the gel takes the edge off, for sure.


Oilogic “Slumber & Sleep” Roll-On & Oilogic “Soothing/Calm” Roll-On

Essential Oils will always, always hold a special place in my heart & in our home. What I enjoy about the Oilogic brand is that their oils are diluted in order to be “safer” for babies & not so strong. Whenever Atlas is struggling to fall asleep or he is having a mini-meltdown, I will roll each one of these oils onto his chest, behind his ears & a little under his nose. Within a few seconds, after he has inhaled the relaxing & amazing smelling aromas, he calms down & falls asleep in minutes. Plus, they aren’t too expensive compared to some other essential oils & last for quite sometime!


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