Why Its Okay To Not Be Happy All The Time

“And If Today, All You Did Was Hold Yourself Together, I’m Proud Of You.”

From one Mama to another, I know how hard we can be on ourselves. I am the person who constantly strives to stay positive & keep a smile on my face (I know, you may be rolling your eyes). BUT I am also beginning to understand that this ideology isn’t always realistic. Living this life can already be a struggle, at times & adding a little one to the mix can more times than not ramp up the emotions.

I understand that many of you, including myself, want your babe to see you smiling rather than being mopey & feeling like you’re pushing your feelings onto them. But trust me, to an extent, its good to show them different emotions & how to get yourself through each one (the younger you teach such lessons, the easier it will be for them to handle certain situations, as they age). Nonetheless, there will be days when you feel like you are at your breaking point & like everything & everyone has turned against you- You want to hide under the sheets for a week & not have anyone around. I’m here to tell you that feeling that way is OK. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. I would be concerned if you didn’t feel like this sometimes. Being human is all about feeling human emotion.

The role of a mother, the way each day varies so drastically & the impact it can have on you is next to impossible to explain to someone who isn’t one, themselves. You can’t expect them to understand exactly how you’re feeling & that is OK, too. As long as you take some time to reflect & face your emotions, head on. Its not healthy for you, your little one or your partner to push these feelings to the back of your psyche & leave them there to fester until one day, they all blow up at once. You have to understand that it’s perfectly fine to put your mental health at the top of the priority list, as it should be. Mothers are the powerhouse of a home & if she isn’t working right, the entire household will start to crumble.

“Mother” is the biggest title you will claim in this lifetime. You are doing your best at raising a human being. Raising a human being. I feel like sometimes it is easy to forget how big the shoes are that we have to fill. Last night, I thought about this very attentively. Without us, there wouldn’t be our children or their children or their children after that. We have created & are raising the start of generations to come. How remarkable is that?

In saying so, I hope this helps to put your importance in a realm that is easier to understand. You are an amazing Human, Woman & Mama, who is allowed to not be Ms. Happy-Go-Lucky, every second of everyday. It is your right to take a step back & assess your state when you feel yourself slipping. Meditate, drink some hot tea, listen to some Erykah Badu & ground yourself. Women like you keep the world going. Be proud of yourself & don’t doubt your abilities for a moment. Keep rockin’, Mama & know that you will get through it.

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